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Emergency Preparedness


Poster 194, Registered Mail Security

When customers purchase Registered MailTM service from the Postal ServiceTM, they are entrusting the Postal Service to safeguard and properly deliver their mail. Poster 194, Registered Mail Security (see page 2), reminds all Postal Service employees to keep Registered Mail items secure. Poster 194 is now available and is being mailed directly to all facilities in May.

Registered Mail is the most secure mailing option available to our customers. It's accounted for every step of the way. Please don't let your guard down.

To keep Registered Mail secure, remember:

• Offices must maintain individual accountability for Registered Mail at all times. Make sure employees keep all Registered Mail in a locked, secure drawer, cage, cabinet, or container.

• Allow only one person access to each locked Registered Mail container. Assign the key to one person and make sure the individual keeps the key in his or her possession and doesn't share it with other employees.

• Employees in larger facilities must sign in and out of the Registry Section.


• When Registered Mail arrives on the platform or dock, place it in a lockable container or immediately transfer it to the Registry Section.

• Get a signed receipt when transferring custody of Registered Mail.

Keeping Registered Mail properly secured protects the mail and our customers' trust.

You can order Poster 194, Registered Mail Security, from the Material Distribution Center (MDC) and use touch tone order entry (TTOE): Call 800-332-0317, option 2.

Note: You must be registered to use TTOE. To register, call 800-332-0317, option 1, extension 2925, and follow the prompts to leave a message. (Wait 48 hours after registering before placing your first order.)

Use the following information to order Poster 194:

PSN: 7690-07-000-5845
Unit of Measure: EA
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Quick Pick Number: N/A
Bulk Pack Quantity: 500
Price: $0.00

- Mitigation and Infrastructure Protection,
Emergency Preparedness, 5-26-05

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