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PUBLICITY KIT week — March 27–31, 2006


Messaging Points

• Millions of people go online with the Postal Service to every month.

• Skip the trip - go online.

• Almost anything you can do at the Post Office, you can do online at

• One of the most frequently visited federal Web sites, receives more than 800,000 visits every day.

• Finding information, conducting transactions, and accessing postal services has never been easier - now just a click away.

• Packages can be conveniently shipped from or office via Customers can pay for the postage with a credit card, print shipping labels, and request Carrier Pickup service - all from their computer.

• Click-N-Ship service prints shipping labels - with or without postage. It also keeps shipping history for 6 months, batches labels, imports or exports an address list into your address book and saves up to 3,000 addresses. Free Delivery ConfirmationTM service. Reduced fee for Signature ConfirmationTM service provides proof of delivery for letters and other documents. Up to $500 in insurance available.

• Packages with shipping labels and pre-paid postage can be dropped off at the Post Office, dropped into a blue street-mailbox, handed to your letter carrier, or arranged for Carrier Pickup service online.

• Customers can submit change-of-address information quickly, easily, conveniently, and securely online.

• Customers can look up a ZIP Code, calculate postage, locate a Post Office, track and confirm a package, buy stamps and shop for philatelic-related merchandise, order shipping supplies, buy a digital scale, hold mail, request redelivery, and purchase package labels with postage to mail Priority Mail® service and Express Mail® service and have their carriers pick it up the next day at no extra charge.

• Business managers and owners can learn how to increase their customer base, create a Direct Mail campaign online, and connect with customers through customized mailings.

• Customers can learn the smart ways to send packages and get information about address management, the variety of postage options, rates and fees, and rules and guidelines.

• The five most utilized areas on the site are (in order of popularity):

• Track and Confirm.

• ZIP Code Lookup.

• Rate Calculator.

• Post Office Locator.

• Click-N-Ship.

Some services you might want to emphasize include:

Carrier Pickup Service

Carrier Pickup service provides the ultimate convenience in sending packages. Customers just prepare their packages for shipping - including postage - and go online to request Carrier Pickup service. The carrier picks up the package(s) the next delivery day - at no additional charge! It's just one more "Quick, Easy, Convenient" option for our customers. Customers can submit their request online and prepare their package(s) before the carrier arrives. It's that simple. Pickups can be arranged for the next delivery day or up to 3 months in advance.

Customers also have the option of having the package picked up the same day. Pickup on Demand is available for only $13.25 per pickup, regardless of the number of packages. The packages are picked up within a specified 2-hour time frame.

Click-N-Ship Service

Print shipping labels - and pay for postage via credit card - from the convenience of your or office. Click- N-Ship service brings the Post Office to your office. Simply log on to and you're ready to print online shipping labels with or without postage.

Labels can be printed for domestic and international expedited services - Priority Mail, Express Mail, Global Express Mail® (GEM®), Global Priority Mail® (GPM), and Global Airmail Parcel Post® (GAPP).

As an added benefit, you get free Delivery Confirmation service with every Priority Mail label you print - making Priority Mail service an even greater value! Signature Confirmation service is available at the reduced fee of $1.35 and online labels qualify for electronic-rate Confirmation Services.

When customers pay for postage using online international services, they will also be printing a Customs form and mailing information on one form (with multiple copies). What formerly involved three steps now becomes one online transaction. This new option is a time-saver for anyone who ships internationally. Also, the one-step combination of printing forms and postage together allows customers to take advantage of Carrier Pickup service - providing customers with even greater time savings.

When international shippers print labels and pay for postage online with Click-N-Ship service, they get a 5 percent discount for GXG and GEM. For more information, go to the Field Information Kit in Postal Bulletin 22166, (10-27-05, pages 53-56).

Online Insurance service is also available. You can now insure packages for up to $500 online.

Mailing is now as convenient as your neighborhood mailbox. You can drop your domestic Express Mail and Priority Mail pieces with PC Postage® online labels in the appropriate Postal Service collection box, take them to your local Post Office, hand them to your delivery carrier, or schedule a Carrier Pickup online.

There's no special equipment or supplies needed. All you need is an Internet connection, your or office PC, and a laser or quality inkjet printer. Labels can be printed on 8 1/2" x 11" paper and glued or taped securely to the package. Self-adhesive labels can also be used and can be purchased online.

• International mail using Click-N-Ship postage-paid labels can be left for your mail carrier to pick up but cannot be deposited into a blue street-mailbox.

• Packages being mailed using postage stamps and weighing 16 ounces and over can be left for your mail carrier to pick up but cannot be deposited into a blue street-mailbox.

Custom Forms

The ability to complete and print Customs forms is available through your customers' computers, or customers may order Customs forms through the mail. Customers need to bring the packages with completed and attached international or APO/FPO Customs forms to the Post Office or, if postage is pre-paid, give their packages to a carrier. USPS also provides clear adhesive envelopes (Form 2076E).

Internet Change of Address

Internet Change of Address is a prime example of how the "Quick, Easy, Convenient" Postal Service is saving customers time and energy. In the United States, approximately 17 percent of the population moves every year - and the Postal Service receives more than 44 million address change requests annually. Instead of coming to the Post Office, customers can skip the trip and submit change-of- address information securely online, without having to submit a printed form to their local Post Office. If you use this service online, there is a $1 fee payable by credit card.

Netpost Mailing Online

Mailing Online is a powerful printing and mailing service for businesses and consumers that combines the speed of the Internet with the effectiveness of traditional mail. With a few clicks, you can create your mailing, and we'll print and mail it the very next business day. We'll save you time, effort, and money. All you need is a document or image, an address list, an Internet connection, and a form of payment. Don't worry about stamping, sticking, folding, or running around to get supplies - we do it all for you!

Mailing Online is the perfect online service to send correspondence to customers, friends, and family. Send postcards, letters, booklets, flyers, and Certified Mail® items - right from your desktop. Need to send mail outside the United States? You can also send mail internationally with Mailing Online!

Options include:

• Schedule your mailing up to 28 days in advance.

• First Class Mail®, Standard Mail®, and Nonprofit mailing options.

• Printing options, including: full color; black and white; or highlights in red, blue, green and, magenta.

Netpost Cardstore

NetPost CardStore allows you to create high-quality, personalized greeting cards online and have them mailed the next business day to your specific address lists or back to you so you can further personalize them.

A hybrid service (starting out electronically and becoming hardcopy mail), NetPost CardStore has an extensive library of images and photos that can be selected when creating cards, and personal photos and images can be uploaded easily as well. You can even schedule cards to be sent up to 3 years in advance!

Customers have the option of adding gift cards from a variety of retailers to their personalized greeting card. Retailers include AMC Theatres, Barnes & Noble, Bass Pro Shops, Bed Bath & Beyond, Blockbuster, Chili's Bar & Grill, Circuit City, Corner Bakery Cafe, Foot Locker, The Depot, Lowe's, Macaroni Grill, Maggiano's Little Italy, Marriott, Old Navy, On The Border Mexican Grill and Cantina, Rockfish Fish Grill, Safeway Stores, Starbucks Coffee, The Sharper Image, and Toys "R" Us.

Netpost Premium Postcards

NetPost Premium Postcards provides a quick four-step process to make glossy, full-color postcards. Great for party invitations, thank you notes, and business-related marketing campaigns.

A single card with First-Class® postage costs only $0.84. With Premium Postcards you can use your own image from a digital camera or graphic design software to create custom communications that are printed and mailed directly for you - all the next business day.

Dazzle customers and friends one postcard at a time. NetPost Premium Postcards offers customers the ability to prepare and send hardcopy postcards from the convenience of their computer. Get postage discounts with every mailing of any size. Customize a postcard. Pay online. We do the rest!

Send Premium Postcards:

• Glossy, full-color images on 4 1/4" x 6" or 6" x 9" postcards.

• Upload your own image or choose from an extensive gallery.

• Include logo or contact information.

Netpost Movers Postcards

NetPost Movers Postcards makes it easy to announce your new or business address to friends, family, and customers. Include a picture of your new house, apartment, or business location. With Mover's Postcards you can send dual-sided full-gloss, full-color postcards to everyone on your list in just minutes!

Online Insurance

As Internet-based shipping has increased, more small businesses and consumers have requested that the Postal Service make insurance available online. As part of a continuing effort to have postal products and services respond to the needs of customers, Click-N-Ship users can purchase up to $500 worth of domestic insurance online to cover lost, rifled, or damaged domestic Express Mail and Priority Mail packages.

To make this offer even more appealing to customers, a barcode reflecting the addition of insurance will print directly onto the electronic shipping label generated by Click-N- Ship service when the postage is purchased online. Additional labels, forms, or stickers will not be required.

Customers now have the added convenience of being able to purchase domestic insurance online for up to $500. This service is available for online labels printed with

postage, and the fees are the same for insurance purchased at a Post Office:

Fee Insurance Coverage
$1.35 $0.01 to $50
$2.30 $50.01 to $100
$3.35 $100.01 to $200
$4.40 $200.01 to $300
$5.45 $300.01 to $400
$6.50 $400.01 to $500

Postal Locator

The Postal Service Web site offers a "Find Post Office" search option that lists Post Offices in close proximity to the address entered. Customers can also locate an Automated Postal Center® (APC®), alternate locations to purchase stamps as well as find an office for passport application services. The search option of "buy stamps" lists the nearest retail locations that sell stamps. Once the list appears, click on one of the options and a map appears with directions to that location. The list includes the local Post Offices as well as retail outlets such as grocery stores and ATMs.

The Postal Service provides alternative access for our customers to purchase stamps at more than 27,500 vending machines; nearly 25,000 commercial retail outlets such as supermarkets, convenience stores, drugstores, and gift stores; nearly 19,000 banking and credit union automated teller machines; and 2,500 Automated Postal Centers located across the country.

The Postal Store

From the convenience of your or office, simply go online to buy stamps and shop for licensed Postal Service merchandise at The Postal Store.

At The Postal Store you can search for stamps by rate, subject, or format; stock up on holiday stamps and other stamp collections; and also sign up for a stamp subscription such as Fast Stamps Plus and have stamps delivered to you automatically at periodic intervals. You can also eliminate a step when mailing Priority Mail by purchasing Prepaid Priority Mail flat-rate envelopes which are now available in convenient packs of 5 and 10. Prepaid Priority Mail flat-rate envelopes 16 ounces and over cannot be deposited into blue collection boxes. These envelopes can be picked up by carriers.

A variety of merchandise can be found at The Postal Store - from coin bank mailbox replicas and books, to beautiful stamp artwork.

Reply Mail Online

Customers can set up a Reply Mail account online. The Reply Mail account allows you to create mailpieces online, making it easier for you to comply with U.S. Postal Service standards and requirements for sending Reply Mail envelopes and postcards.

Your Reply Mail account also allows you to do the following:

• Apply for a permit and multiple ZIP + 4® codes (for Business Reply MailTM (BRMTM) and Qualified Business Reply MailTM (QBRMTM) Reply Mail).

• Pay initial permit fees online.

• Create BRM and QBRM (with permit), and Courtesy Reply MailTM (no permit necessary), all with one account.

• Download mailpiece designs (PDF and EPS formats).

• Store your mailpieces online in your Mailpiece Library (100 MB storage space).

• Store graphics, images, and logos in your Artwork Library (100 MB storage space).