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PUBLICITY KIT week — March 27–31, 2006

Transmittal letter signed by Anita J. Bizzotto.

Skip the Trip — Go Online, Don't Stand in Line

Just about everything you can do at the Post OfficeTM, you can do online at

Every minute, every day, millions of consumers and businesses do the smart thing by taking advantage of the Postal Service'sTM Web site, And, because the Web site is constantly being upgraded and new services are added, not everyone knows about what's offered online. That's what week is all about - spreading the word by inviting customers to experience a suite of services that is so good, they named a whole week after it.

We've got an excellent story to tell. Our Web site is the epitome of "Quick, Easy, ConvenientTM." Customers can create shipping labels and pay for postage; find a ZIP CodeTM; calculate postage; locate a Post Office; schedule Carrier PickupTM service; track and confirm mail delivery; hold mail; change their address; find addressing information; buy stamps; design and personalize greeting cards; order shipping supplies - all from their own computers! In fact, almost anything you can do at the Post Office, you can do online at Through a nationally sponsored, locally coordinated series of activities, you'll have the opportunity to increase awareness of our online services among employees and customers. Through that awareness, we can increase volume and revenue.

How you shape week to get the most out of it for your office is completely up to you. You can use it as an anchor or to organize customer meetings that include presentations on My Desktop Post OfficeTM. The My Desktop Post Office kit prepares you for presenting the easy-to-use tools of to local businesses. My Desktop Post Office is an online shortcut that puts customers at the front of the line for the services they use most, such as printing shipping labels and calculating rates. When downloaded from or from a CD, the application installs an icon on the computer's desktop and gives customers one-click access to the most frequently used services. Use the kit for one-on-one or group presentations. Instructions on how to use the kit are included in this publicity kit, or you can download "How To: Host a My Desktop Post Office Event Guide." We recommend you load the application on your computer to get familiar with it beforehand. If you did not receive a kit, you may order one along with supplies from the Business ConnectTM Data Center.

You can feature Click-N-Ship®, NetPost® CardStore, Premium Postcards and Mailing Online, or The Postal Store. You can also use it as a platform for demonstrations and themed events at retail. Your options are as wide as your imagination.

What's Inside

This kit includes publicity ideas, a letter you can send to your local newspaper, a frequently asked questions section on our key online services, stand-up talk, and more. You can also use advertising materials that are available through Business Connect Data Center and Message Maker to support your local events. Message Maker is an online system that allows users to create customized signage that complements the design of approved Postal Service advertising materials. Message Maker materials include direct mail, event invitations, and "Take Ones." One benefit of creating materials specifically for your office on Message Maker is that your materials will have synergy with national advertisements and communications. All Message Maker materials are also highly professional and use the most current logos and branding. Because not everyone has access to this Message Maker, contact your local district marketing or retail managers for assistance.



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Publicity Ideas

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Stand-up Talk for Business Route Carriers

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How To:Host a My Desktop Post Office(MDTPO)Event

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My Desktop Post Office Kit

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