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Supply Management


USPS Awards Two New National Contracts for Corrugated Fiberboard Pallet Boxes

On August 30, 2006, the Mail Transport Equipment (MTE) Category Team awarded 3-year contracts to International Paper and Rand Whitney to supply corrugated fiberboard pallet boxes to all Postal Service™ mail processing facilities. The International Paper contract is effective October 1, 2006, and the Rand Whitney contract is effective September 1, 2006. Based on estimated annual usage, the projected value of these contracts is $33,370,000 per year.

Use the eBuy online catalog requisition to place orders. Orders placed via the catalog will be routed to either International Paper or Rand Whitney.

One goal of this supply chain management effort is to consolidate requirements in order to leverage USPS demand. As a result, the overall cost of the corrugated fiberboard pallet boxes has been reduced by 8%. Additionally, time of delivery from manufacturing site to facility will be reduced because the manufacturing site is selected based on its proximity to the Postal Service mail processing facility placing the order. International Paper has 10 manufacturing facilities across the United States and Rand Whitney has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility strategically located in the Northeast. The final advantage of these contracts is that all responsibility from receipt of order to delivery falls on the suppliers.

For additional information, contact Jonathan Hirsch, Purchasing and Supply Management Specialist, MTE CT - Headquarters, Washington, DC, at (202) 268-8434.

— MTE & Spares CMC,
Supply Management, 9-14-06

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