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Administrative Services

Directives and Forms Update

Customer Relations

Mail Alert

Announcement: National Hispanic Heritage Month,
September 15 – October 15

Domestic Mail

DMM Revision: Change to the Nominal Rate for
Periodicals Mail

DMM Revision: USPS and Western Union Terminate
Mailgram Contract

DMM and POM Revisions: Changes in Handling Post
Office Box Denial of Service and Termination Appeals

POM Revision: Notice Left Operations

Publication 431 Revision: Changes to Post Office Box
Fee Groups

Field Information Kit: Standardized Procedures for
"Notice Left" Mail


ELM Revision: Occupational Safety and Health

Election Campaigns — Hatch Act and Other


Revised Form: PS Form 17, Stamp Requisition/Stamp

Notice: Procedures for Receiving and Returning Stamp


Revised Documents: Hazardous Materials Items

International Mail

Announcement: USPS Web Tools Can Make Your Global
Business Click

ICM Updates: International Customized Mail


Stamp Announcement 06-43: Official Mail Stamp

Pictorial Postmarks Announcement

Special Cancellation Die Hubs

Post Offices

Post Office Changes


Business Connect Notice: New System Requires
Postmasters and Station and Branch Managers to Save
Current Business Connect Information

Reminder: Stamps by Mail — Brochure Ordering

What's in Store

Supply Management

Notice: USPS Awards Two New National Contracts for
Corrugated Fiberboard Pallet Boxes

Pull-Out Section

Fraud Alert

Domestic Orders

Invalid Express Mail Corporate Account Numbers

Missing, Lost, or Stolen U.S. Money Order Forms

Missing, Lost, or Stolen Canadian Money Order Forms

Verifying U.S. Postal Service Money Orders

Counterfeit Canadian Money Order Forms

Toll-Free Number Available to Verify Canadian Money

Other Information

Overseas Military Mail

2006 International and Military Mail Christmas
Mailing Dates

Postal Bulletin Index

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