Postmaster Stand-up Talk — Proper Use of Dog Repellent Spray

If a dog attacks, use your dog repellent spray, along with your satchel as a means of defense.

Spray the repellent directly at the eyes, nose, and mouth of the attacking dog by pressing the control button on the top of the container. Direct application of the spray must be made for it to be effective. The range of the spray is up to 10 feet.

After using the repellent, make sure to wash your hands to remove any excess residue of the repellent. Touching your face or eyes can cause irritation. First Aid information is on the repellent can.

Always make sure you have a full can of the spray with you at all times when making deliveries.

The cans should be stored in a cool place when not in use. It is not recommended that you leave the can in the vehicle overnight because temperature changes may affect the can.

For maximum safety and effectiveness, we recommend replacing the repellent after 2 years. The manufacture date is located on the can. The format is month/year or MM/YY.