VII. Additional Resources

Now that you have read through this publicity kit and made some decisions about what would work best in your area, it is time for action.

In addition to this kit, a number of resources are avail­able to assist you in your effort to educate employees, your customers, and the entire community about the impor­tance of dog bite prevention. If you have media or public relations questions, area Public Affairs and Communications managers can put you in touch with your local communications person. And, while the Humane Society of America is not an official partner during this year’s National Dog Bite Prevention Week campaign, it is always willing to help organizations that are promoting safety around animals. Their dog bite prevention Web site,, is an excellent resource for employ­ees and your community.

Although dog bites are declining, we must keep in mind that last year we averaged 11 dog bites per delivery day. When you factor in dog attacks where there was no bite, we averaged 12 dog bites and attacks per delivery day. Dog bites are no laughing matter! We must take action now to reduce these costly and painful injuries. Avoid danger and remember close the door on dog bites.