Job postings now available on PostalPEOPLE Web site

If you’re looking for an executive and administrative schedule (EAS) vacancy announcement, PostalPEOPLE makes your search a lot easier. A new EAS Vacancy Announcements link is available on the left side of the Post­alPEOPLE home page at Or you can go directly to the page at

Vacancy announcements also are available to all employees from any non-postal computer with Internet access through LiteBlue at Click on Inside USPS, then PostalPEOPLE. Employees must use their employee identification number and USPS PIN to gain access to LiteBlue.

All field vacancy announcements are posted under the appropriate area link — for example, Eastern Area, South­west Area, Capital Metro Area. Similarly, Headquarters and Headquarters field units vacancy announcements have a new link regardless of the area of consideration. Headquar­ters pay band positions that are posted only to EAS-21 and above or EAS-23 and above are posted under the HQ Pay Band link.