Wall-Mounted Centralized Mail Receptacles (USPS STD-4C)

USPS STD-4C was fully implemented on October 6, 2006.

All new multi-unit construction with building permits submitted before October 6, 2006, retain the option of using apartment style receptacles built to the specifica­tions of USPS STD-4B+.

All multi-unit construction with building plans submitted on October 6, 2006, or later are required to use Wall-Mounted Mail Receptacles built and approved to the spec­ifications of USPS STD-4C.

The receptacles built under the new specifications offer:

The use of STD-4C boxes is primarily intended for new construction and not as a means of retrofitting existing complexes. However buildings undergoing significant ren­ovations or rehabilitations may be required to convert to wall-mounted receptacles that are USPS STD-4C compli­ant. If these renovations include significant structural changes and present an opportunity for more complete makeovers, the builders should include 4C receptacles. Buildings that are simply remodeling or changing the out­ward/surface appearance of the lobby are not considered examples of renovations that would trigger the use of 4C receptacles.

If you have additional questions regarding these time­lines, please contact your area or district growth coordina­tors for further information.