Customers must place mailboxes on motorized city, rural, and contract delivery service routes so a carrier can safely and conveniently serve them without leaving his or her vehicle. The mailboxes must be on the right-hand side of the road in the carrier’s travel direction in all cases where traffic conditions make it dangerous for the carrier to drive to the left to reach the mailboxes, or where doing so would constitute a violation of traffic laws and regulations. Postal Operations Manual (POM) 632.6 specifies postal regula­tions regarding locations for apartment houses and other multiple unit dwellings. On new rural and contract delivery service routes, all mailboxes must be on the right-hand side of the road in the direction of the route line of travel. Mailbox placement must conform with state laws and high­way regulations. City motorized, rural, and highway con­tract box delivery route carriers are subject to the same traffic laws and regulations as other motorists. Customers must remove obstructions, including vehicles, trash cans, and snow, that impede safe and efficient delivery. Except when a mailbox is temporarily blocked, carriers must have access to the mailbox without leaving the vehicle unless authorized to dismount.