Sample Priority Mail International Flat-Rate Envelope Shipping Label With Customs Form

2976-A-PMIUSPS Priority Mail International Flat Rate Envelope

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will customers need to fill out and attach a customs form when they purchase international postage online?

A. No. Each international shipping label created through the Click-N-Ship, eBay/PayPal Integrated Shipping Solution, or a PC Postage vendor web site contains all necessary mailing labels and customs form infor­mation. A separate form is not required.

Q. How should customers attach international online shipping labels to package?

A. Do the following:

  • Express Mail International and Priority Mail Inter­national shipments. The customer should place the first three copies of the online shipping label inside the customs envelope (PS Form 2976-E) and retain the sender’s copy.
  • Priority Mail International flat-rate envelope and First Class Mail International shipments. The cus­tomer should adhere their label to the package. A self-adhesive label is recommended. If tape or glue is used, they should not tape over the bar­code. The edges should be secure.

Q. Can self-adhesive or thermal labels be used with international labels?

A. Yes. Customers who print international shipping la­bels for Priority Mail International flat-rate envelope and First-Class Mail International will have the option of printing the single ply label to adhesive or thermal labels. All other services printed online will require the customer to place the appropriate number of copies in a clear customs form pouch (PS Form 2976-E, Customs Declaration and Dispatch Note Envelope), which must be attached to the parcel.

Q. Where can customers get the customs form envelope that is required for use with international packages?

A. Customers can order PS Form 2976-E — at no addi­tional cost — online at or pick them up at a local Post Office.

Q. Can customers use Carrier Pickup service when printing international shipping labels?

A. Yes. Carrier Pickup service can be scheduled with any of the international services available online at

Q. Can customers drop their international mail item in a Postal Service collection box?

A. No. International shipments created online include customs forms and by rule may not be deposited in a collection box. Customers must hand the item to a Postal Service employee in a Post Office or to their carrier at the time of mail delivery, or schedule a Car­rier Pickup online at

Q. Can insurance be purchased online for the interna­tional postage?

A. Yes. Up to $500 of insurance can be purchased online for Express Mail International and Priority Mail International based upon availability in the country of destination. Insurance is not available for the Priority Mail flat-rate envelope.

Q. Where can customers print and pay for First Class Mail International postage online?

A. First-Class Mail International labels can be pur­chased online through authorized PC Postage vendors.