Revision: Handbook EL-804, Safe Driver Program

Effective July 5, 2007, Handbook EL-804, Safe Driver Program, is revised to add Appendix E, Ordering Safe Driver Testing and Training Materials.

Handbook EL-804, Safe Driver Program

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[Add appendix E as follows:]

Appendix E, Ordering Safe Driver Testing and Training Materials

This section describes how to order instructional materials associated with the Safe Driver Program, including materi­als for testing, classroom instruction, and the Defensive Driver Course.


Instructional materials associated with the Safe Driver Pro­gram are available through the Material Distribution Center (MDC). The Postal Employee Development Center (PEDC) is responsible for ordering materials as needed, but other functions, such as Safety, can also order materials.

Depending on the course, the instructional materials include printed matter, videos, CDs, posters, and forms that are used in training.

For any course with a qualifying exam, only certified District examiners are authorized to order selection and testing materials.

Instructions for Ordering

Testing Materials: Exams 804 and 806

A Driver Safety Instructor (DSI) certified by the National Test Administration Center (NTAC) must request forms and other materials from NTAC through the District examination administrators. The DSI should maintain a 6-month supply of materials.

Defensive Driving Course Materials

Order the National Safety Council’s Defensive Driving Course materials from MDC. Use the following numbers:

Classroom Training Materials

Order Driver Training Program, Course Number 43513-00 (8-hour classroom) from MDC. Place your order using the following numbers:

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