PS Form 2018 Replaced by Revised PS Form 3977 and New PS Form 3902

Effective August 16, 2007, PS Form 2018, Duplicate Key, PIN, and Combination Inventory, is obsolete. All PS Forms 2018 must be discarded/recycled. Post Offices™ and postal retail units must use the May 2007 edition of PS Form 3977, Duplicate Key, Combination, and Password Envelope, instead. The form was revised to accommodate the storing of safe or vault combinations, an integrated retail terminal logon ID, a POS system password, a Small Post Office Reporting Tool (SPORT) password, an Automated Postal Center® (APC®) password, and APC keys, as well as the storing of dupli­cate keys for each stamp cabinet, cash drawer, safe com­partment, envelope drawer, and stamp vending machine.

In addition, the new PS Form 3902, Form 3977 Log and Lock Examination, is available for postmasters, managers, and supervisors to maintain a log of PS Forms 3977 assigned at the unit and to keep a record of the semiannual examination of PS Forms 3977 and the annual examination of locks and keys.

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Ordering PS Form 3977

PS Form 3977 is available from the Material Distribution Center (MDC) by using touch tone order entry (TTOE): Call 800-273-1509.

Note: You must be registered to use TTOE. To register, call 800-332-0317, option 1, extension 2925, and follow the prompts to leave a message. (Wait 48 hours after registering before placing your first order.)

Use the following information to order PS Form 3977:

PSIN: PS 3977
PSN: 7530-02-000-9140
Unit of Measure: EA
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Quick Pick Number: 229
Bulk Pack Quantity: 2,000
Price: $0.0396
Edition Date: 05/07

PS Form 3977 appears on page 21 of this Postal Bulletin.

Obtaining PS Form 3902

PS Form 3902 is available on the Postal Service™ Intranet:

PS Form 3902 also appears on page 32 of this Postal Bulletin. Offices may reproduce this copy locally until they order and receive the form from the MDC.

PS Form 3902PS Form 3902, Form 3977 Log and Lock Examination.