What’s New in FAST

Mailer Rating National Deployment

The Facility Access and Shipment Tracking (FAST) Phase I of Mailer Rating National Deployment was com­pleted in the Western Area on September 4, 2007. Eight facilities are currently activated, with more being added each week.

Phase II of Mailer Rating National Deployment began on September 10, 2007, with a kickoff teleconference for all customers drop shipping into FAST/Surface Visibility (SV) facilities in the following areas:

Mailer Rating activation is contingent on a facility’s SV drop ship compliance of 80 percent or higher for 2 consec­utive weeks. Facilities unable to sustain this threshold for 2 consecutive weeks are deactivated. In order to promote good performance, a series of training sessions are held with mailers and facilities as part of deployment readiness and site activation. Topics include the Mailer Rating Appointment and Corporate Rating Process, Mailer Rating Reports, and a review of commonly asked questions.

Phase III of Mailer Rating National Deployment will begin on October 20, 2007, and will include FAST/SV facilities in the following areas:

To access the training presentations, go to https://fast.usps.com/fast; without logging in, click on Resources. Mailer Rating training presentations are available for download.

Note: Mailer Rating applies to all Standard Mail® and Package Services drop shipment appointments; pure Peri­odicals and perishable appointments are not rated. Mailer Rating does not apply to destination delivery units (DDUs).

For questions or concerns regarding the Mailer Rating National Deployment, send an e-mail to fast@usps.com, and put “Mailer Rating National Deployment” in the subject line.

FAST for Periodicals

FAST for Periodicals is here!

As of September 4, 2007, all Periodicals mailers began scheduling appointments in FAST. FAST for Periodicals enhances visibility into scheduled Periodicals drop ship­ments at each Postal Service™ facility. FAST also provides mailers the ability to submit and manage their Periodicals recurring appointment requests online.

FAST for Periodicals does not mean that Periodicals drop shipment customers without appointments are turned away. Periodicals mailers that arrive without an appoint­ment are accepted after Periodicals mailers who have scheduled an appointment in FAST. Customers with Peri­odicals drop shipments arriving without an appointment are accepted as unscheduled arrivals any time the facility is open and staffed according to the hours of operation.

All Periodicals customers who have not yet registered for FAST should do so immediately by visiting the PostalOne! home page at www.usps.com/postalone. Step-by-step instructions on how to register are available at https://fast.usps.com/fast; without logging in, click on Resources, then on Reference Documents. A registration job aid is avail­able for download. For questions about the online applica­tion process, call the PostalOne! Customer Care Center at 800-522-9085.

For questions or concerns regarding FAST for Periodi­cals, send an e-mail to fast@usps.com, and put “FAST for Periodicals” in the subject line.