2007 Product and Pricing Holiday Mailing Kit

Introduction — A Message to Postal Service Employees

The price and product changes implemented this past spring included the introduction of the Forever Stamp™, shape-based pricing for First-Class Mail® items, dimensional-weight pricing for Priority Mail® items, a redesign of international products, and new domestic and international rates and fees.

For many retail customers visiting the Post Office™ to mail their cards and packages this holiday season, it may be the first time they are made aware of the changes to domestic and international mail implemented last May. The purpose of this kit is to recap the major changes to help prepare you for the busy holiday mailing season. Although this kit is focused on retail employees, this information is also appropriate for employees in Consumer Affairs, Deliv­ery and Retail, and other functions to help answer ques­tions from customers. This kit provides additional information and clarification including a recap of the changes to First-Class Mail service, Priority Mail service, extra services, and international products; fact sheets; stand-up talks; frequently asked questions; and a list of resources that are available to you and our customers.

Please read the kit in its entirety, ensure that standup talks are delivered in a timely manner, and share this infor­mation as appropriate.

We look forward to the holiday mailing season and know that you will help make it a success!