MarketingMatters — At a Glance: Live for “Today”

The Postal Service™ is taking its first steps toward being a much more competitive enterprise. We understand the kind of Postal Service our customers want and are consistently working to provide new products and better service to make it easier to do business with us. To make our point that things are changing, we have introduced our 2008 Advertising Brand­ing Campaign — TODAY’S MAIL®, a new brand statement that will appear in all of our advertising.

Today’s Mail is about what the Postal Service can do for our customers now, today. It is about providing services that compliment the way customers live and work every day. The campaign has a new bright color palette, uses contemporary portrayals of customers, and has simple statements that accurately illustrate our message points. As part of the campaign, we have mailed consumer postcards, containing simple messages, to business and residential customers. An image of the postcards appears with this article.

Todays Mail Poster [D]

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