Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Parcel Select?

A. Parcel Select destination-entry services provide an economical ground delivery service for large- and medium-sized package mailers. It is a work-shared product that is sorted and transported by a shipper or shipping consolidator and then delivered by the Postal Service, leveraging the delivery capabilities of the Postal Service. It includes destination bulk mail center (DBMC), destination sectional center facility (DSCF), and destination delivery unit (DDU) categories.

Q. Can any extra services be used with Parcel Select service?

A. Yes. Delivery Confirmation service is free with Parcel Select service. For a fee, the mailer may also add Signature Confirmation™ service or insurance, collect on delivery (COD), return receipt for merchan­dise, return receipt, and restricted delivery services.

Q. How is postage paid for Parcel Select service?

A. Parcel Select postage is paid via permit imprint and the Manifest Mail System (MMS) or through the Elec­tronic Verification System (eVS). The indicia on all Parcel Select labels is a permit imprint that includes the text “Parcel Select.” If the mailer is an authorized eVS participant, the marking “eVS” must also appear in the indicia (as well as in the text above the barcode).

Q. What is eVS?

A. eVS is a paperless payment system that enables on­line documentation and postage payment through transmission of electronic manifest files directly to a central Postal Service site. The use of eVS is current­ly optional, but it will soon become mandatory for Parcel Select mailers. For more information on eVS, see Publication 205, Electronic Verification System Business and Technical Guide, which is available online at

Q. Where can I find a current list of authorized eVS mailers?

A. A list of currently authorized eVS mailers is periodi­cally published in the Postal Bulletin. This list is con­tinually updated as additional mailers are authorized, so review each issue of the Postal Bulletin to see if a new list is published. To find the most recently published list, check the semiannual or annual index at the Postal Bulletin Web site at; under “View Previous Is­sues” on the left side of the screen, click on the link to the current index; perform a search for “eVS,” checking the article titles for references to authorized or approved eVS mailers; note the Postal Bulletin is­sue in which an appropriate article appears; return to the Postal Bulletin Web site; and under “View Previ­ous Issues” on the left side of the screen, access the appropriate Postal Bulletin issue. The most recent list was published in the article titled “Approved eVS Mailers” in Postal Bulletin 22213 (8-16-07, pages 73–74).

Q. How are the destination acceptance processes different for Parcel Select eVS drop shipments and other Parcel Select PVDS pieces?

A. Parcel Select PVDS shipments are required to be presented with PS Form 8125 at the destination entry facility, and the Postal Service employee must scan the form if it has a barcode. Parcel Select eVS ship­ments involve a paperless transaction and therefore do not require PS Form 8125.

Q. What is the “Scan 5” process?

A. The Scan 5 process is as follows: Randomly scan at least five packages on the drop shipment with the verification scan — “DC/eVS Arrive.” For a large shipment, the number of scans performed should be at least 5 percent of the total pieces. This is the pro­cess for both Parcel Select eVS and PVDS mailings. For Parcel Select PVDS mailings, one additional step is required: PS Form 8125 must be presented with the PVDS pieces, and the Postal Service employee scans the form as “Complete” or “Incomplete,” as appropriate.

Q. How do I handle Parcel Select packages that are refused or undeliverable as addressed (UAA)?

A. Parcel Select UAA pieces are to be marked “postage due” at the Single-Piece Parcel Post rate and returned to the address displayed in the return address. Refused pieces are also returned to the return address location. (Do not return pieces marked “perishable” or with ancillary endorsements requesting alternative processing.) Parcel Select UAA and refused pieces are not returned to the con­solidator or parcel integrator.

Q. How do I handle Parcel Select packages that have been mis-shipped to my facility?

A. Mis-shipped parcels are ones that the driver attempts to drop at the wrong destination facility. These pieces should be scanned as “Mis-shipped” and immediately returned to the driver. Do not hold.

Q. Where can I find instructions for properly accepting Parcel Select eVS and PVDS deposits?

A. The complete instructions for properly accepting both eVS and PVDS Parcel Select mailings are avail­able in chapter 6 of Publication 804, Drop Shipment Procedures for Destination Entry, which is available online at

Q. What benefits does Parcel Select service provide to parcel integrators or consolidators and to the Postal Service?

A. Both the parcel integrators or consolidators and the Postal Service gain rewards through using Parcel Select. The Postal Service capitalizes on its core strength of its vast delivering network, and the parcel integrators or consolidators are able to leverage their transportation and logistic capabilities. Through this joint partnership, both parties are able to help improve the overall shipping experience and ultimately better meet the needs of our shared cus­tomers, the originators of the packages.

Q. What is a parcel integrator or consolidator?

A. A parcel integrator or consolidator is a business enti­ty that collects parcels prepared by one or more mer­chant or order-fulfillment business and then merges the total volume into one stream to achieve a finer presort level, as well as greater volume discounts, and take advantage of the desirable postage for des­tination entry mail. Parcel integrators or consolida­tors also offer up-front estimates on expected delivery time, customized rates, and services.

Q. Where can I find a list of parcel integrators and consolidators?

A. A list is available on the Postal Service Web site at

Q. Why should processing Postal Service employees have an awareness of the features and benefits of Parcel Select service?

A. An increased awareness and commitment to the proper handling of Parcel Select pieces by Postal Service employees will result in increased revenue and volume for the Postal Service as more mailers realize the great value Parcel Select service provides.