Parcel Select Standup Talk for Retail Associates

[Please read this stand-up talk to all retail associates and then post copies on employee bulletin boards.]

Parcel Select destination-entry services provide an eco­nomical ground delivery service for large- and medium-sized package mailers. It is a work-shared product that is sorted and transported by a shipper or shipping consolida­tor and then delivered by the Postal Service, leveraging the delivery capabilities of the Postal Service.

Parcel Select destination-entry packages are trans­ported by the mail owner or by a third party, in lieu of postal transportation, and tendered to the Postal Service at a destination bulk mail center (DBMC), destination sectional center facility (DSCF), or destination delivery unit (DDU) for residential delivery. This work-sharing results in cost savings to the shipper in the form of much lower postage, making the product very competitive in today’s package market. In addition, Parcel Select reduces time in transit as well as increases visibility with free Delivery Confirmation service.

Parcel Select service is not a retail offering. Once it has entered the Postal Service mailstream, it is processed as any other ground package with Delivery Confirmation service — scanned at delivery!

Parcel Select shippers pay postage via a permit imprint. A growing number of companies are also becoming approved Electronic Verification System (eVS) shippers. eVS is an electronic payment system that eliminates hardcopy paperwork. These pieces will display the eVS marking in the permit indicia as well as above the barcode (see attached sample label).

Parcel Select Labels Shipped By eVS Authorized Parcel Integrator/Consolidator.

A significant amount of Parcel Select pieces are ten­dered to the Postal Service by parcel integrators, who have traditionally been our competitors: FedEx, DHL, and UPS. This partnership with delivery carriers leverages each com­pany’s core capabilities, with both long-distance transpor­tation and our delivery network to create mutual cost savings and service improvements.

Parcel Select can also be drop shipped by the mer­chant; by a regional consolidator such as Blue Package, Cornerstone, American Parcel Solution, Parcel Pool, SPExpress, Puerto Rico DDU Express, etc.; or by a local carrier contracted by the mail owner or another consolidator.

The Postal Service is working to improve awareness of our Parcel Select product and consolidator partnerships across the country. Increased awareness will improve ser­vice and grow volume and revenue for this product. We need your help to continue to make Parcel Select successful.