New PS Forms 4588 and 4589: Observation of Work Practices

Effective immediately, supervisors must begin using the new PS forms developed to document observations of employee work practices. Select the appropriate form based on the employee’s job classification. Use PS Form 4588, Observation of Work Practices Delivery Services, for employees who work in delivery services and PS Form 4589, Observation of Work Practices General, for other employees. Do not use any locally developed forms for observation of work practices.

When used correctly, these forms can help the supervi­sor and the employee to identify and eliminate work prac­tices that could cause accidents and injuries. Use of these forms also gives the supervisor an opportunity to recognize and reinforce safe work practices.

To ensure a high standard of safe work performance, the following number of work practice observations must be completed:


Employee Status

Number of Observations


One per quarter

Probationary (0–3 months)

30, 60, 80 day evaluations

4–23 months of Postal Service experience

One per quarter

2 or more years of Postal Service experience

Twice a year

PS Form 4588 and PS Form 4589 are two-page forms, designed for ease of use. They can be viewed and printed online. File the forms at the Post Office™ or facility where the observations are made in order by date of obser­vation.

Viewing and Printing the Form Online

PS Form 4588 and PS Form 4589 are available on the Postal Service™ PolicyNet Web site:

(The direct URL for the Forms Web site is

Obtaining Printed Copies

As soon as these forms are available from the Material Distribution Center (MDC), we will provide ordering infor­mation in the Postal Bulletin.