Policies, Procedures, and Forms Updates


DMM Notice: Mailing Letters or Flats with Magnets

The following is an update to our policy on mailing let­ters or flats that contain thin flexible magnets, such as those designed to be placed on refrigerators or similar sur­faces. The original policy notice appeared in Postal Bulletin 22083 (8-22-02, page 16). The guidelines below are spe­cific to thin flexible magnets for automation-rate letter-size mailpieces and all flat-size mailpieces. All enclosed or attached magnets should have a minimum of 10 poles per linear inch.

For automation-rate letter-size pieces:

For flat-size pieces:

Prior Postal Service™ approval granted for mail­pieces with enclosed or attached magnets is still valid, if the mailpiece design has not changed since approval. Cus­tomers may seek approval for automation rates for mail­pieces with designs that differ from the above guidelines by contacting their local manager, business mail entry. Man­agers, business mail entry receiving such requests should coordinate analysis and testing with the Pricing and Clas­sification Service Center. Mailpieces that may be trans­ported by air, such as those mailed at First-Class Mail® rates or at Standard Mail® rates with either Express Mail® or Priority Mail® Open and Distribute also must meet the standards for magnetic materials in DMM 601.10.21.