Domestic Insurance

The Postal Service™ delivers millions of packages annually. Security is essential when sending valuables through the mail. Whether you are sending jewelry, antiques, or expensive clothing, insurance provides that security.

Insure a package only for what its contents are worth. If you file a claim, acceptable evidence is required to estab­lish the cost or value of the article at the time it was mailed. Insured mail service purchased at a retail Post Office™ provides up to $5,000 coverage for a lost or damaged article. For mail insured for more than $200, the recipient must sign for the article at delivery. Delivery status information and/or the signature can be obtained by pur­chasing Delivery Confirmation™ service or Signature Confirmation™ service.

In addition to purchasing domestic insurance at a Post Office, you can purchase insurance (up to $500) at these alternate access locations:

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Things to Know

Domestic Insurance Claims

A customer can file a claim for a lost or damaged article by completing Section A of PS Form 1000, Domestic Claim or Registered Mail Inquiry, and presenting it to any Post Office. Additional information on filing claims is available at

Online Insurance Claims — Buy Online, File Online

There is more convenience for Click-N-Ship and eBay shippers. Customers who purchase domestic insurance online (up to $500) through Click-N-Ship or the eBay Ship­ping Zone can file their claims for loss or damage online at — at that Web site, just regis­ter or sign in and enter the claim information, which is directly transmitted to the St. Louis Accounting Services for processing.

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