More green innovations

Reusable reply mail envelope sample 1.To help protect the environment, the Postal Service encourages businesses to find cre­ative solutions that help mailers go green. One business — MailAgain of Houston, TX — has been doing just that for nearly 20 years.

Reusable reply mail envelope sample 2.MailAgain has devel­oped mailing technolo­gies focused on providing reliable, cost-effective and USPS-approved solutions for reusable reply mail.

The company’s products include reusable courtesy reply envelopes, busi­ness reply envelopes and CD/DVD mailers. Each uses a patent-pending “fail safe loop mail” design that allows USPS to run the outbound and return portions on automa­tion machinery.

Working with USPS Engineering, MailAgain obtained automation compatibility certification for its letter-sized CD/DVD mailers. And MailAgain’s design eliminates the need for adding separate address labels or tabbing, streamlining production and returns for its customers.

According to MailAgain, the company’s green solutions are easy to implement and offer operational savings to mailers, while helping conserve precious environmental resources. Visit for more information.