Increasing our Express Mail reach

As part of the Postal Service’s ongoing efforts to pro­mote Express Mail, two postal areas announced significant improvements to their overnight reach — a crucial part of making the Postal Service’s premier product more attrac­tive to customers.

The Northeast and New York Metro Areas have both announced changes that put them on track to meet the organization’s national target of 85 percent overnight deliv­ery by April.

In the Northeast Area, 271 more ZIP Code pairs have been upgraded from two-day to next-day. Other improve­ments include checking office times at retail acceptance units to ensure that overnight reach for both air and surface destinations have been addressed independently of each other in the directories. Retail acceptance unit closing times also were extended to match the time retail counters close, to ensure that customers in retail lobbies around closing time still get a next-day commitment on their Express Mail.

The New York Metro Area upgraded 57 five-digit ZIP Codes from 3 p.m. to noon next-day service, and proposed later standard times for retail acceptance units for 418 ZIP Codes.

New York Metro has only two districts with five-digit offices — Caribbean and Westchester — that aren’t able to provide 100-percent next-day delivery due to transporta­tion issues and their location. Still, fifteen ZIP Codes in the Caribbean and ten in Westchester will be upgraded from two-day to next-day service.