Language for Business Reply Mail Customer Letters

Dear Customer:

As a valued Business Reply Mail (BRM) customer, we want to keep you informed of changes in postal products, services, prices, and fees. Effective Monday, May 12, post­age prices and fees for all domestic and international mail will be changing.

The impact of these changes on business mail custom­ers will vary depending on the amount and shape (e.g., letters, large envelopes, packages) of the mail you send, mail preparation, class of mail, and any extra services you may choose. Listed below are specific highlights from the price changes that pertain to BRM.

The First-Class Mail® single-piece 1-ounce letter price will increase to 42 cents, while the additional-ounce price will remain 17 cents.

The price for a postcard will increase to 27 cents.

The basic BRM per-piece fee (without an annual account maintenance fee paid) will increase to 72 cents.

The high-volume BRM per-piece fee (with an annual account maintenance fee paid) will remain at 8 cents. The annual account maintenance fee for advanced deposit (trust fund) accounts will increase to $565.

Qualified Business Reply Mail

For Qualified Business Reply Mail (QBRM), the 1-ounce price increases to 39.7 cents and the 2-ounce price increases to 56.7 cents. The postcard price will be 24.7 cents. The basic QBRM per-piece fee (without the quarterly fee) will remain 5 cents. The per-piece fee for high-volume QBRM (with the quarterly fee paid) increases to $0.006. The QBRM quarterly fee will decrease to $1,855.

The annual permit fee for all BRM increases to $180. The new annual/quarterly fees will not apply until they are up for renewal.

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