Vending Credits under POS ONE

On May 12, 2008, a software change will be down­loaded to the POS ONE system to automatically revalue the Forever Stamp booklets on hand. Vending clerks under POS ONE must ensure that all Forever Stamp booklets in their inventories are accurately identified by Item #676500 with the correct quantities. To ensure this, do the following:

1. Print an inventory by category report from POS ONE.

2. Validate that all Forever Stamp booklets are properly represented by the correct item number.

3. Validate that the quantities in the report matches quantities on hand.

4. If discrepancies occur, see the POS ONE Procedures Guide,, Section 12, Count — Stock, Cash and Money Orders.

5. Once Forever Stamp booklets are appropriately rep­resented in the POS ONE Inventory by Category report, it is important that all sales are properly scanned into the POS ONE reporting system (i.e., scan booklet x amounts sold) to keep the inventory correct.

On the vending clerk’s close of business day prior to May 12, 2008, the vending clerks under POS ONE must:

1. Perform a PS Form 1412 closeout.

2. Make a bank deposit.

3. Ensure the sales of Forever Stamp booklets are properly scanned.

4. Submit PS Form 1412 and bank deposits to the supervisor or designated closeout person.