GXG Shipping Kit

As part of the GXG online launch, the Postal Service is producing a shipping kit for customers that will include the following:

Everything that a customer might need to complete a GXG transaction is all gathered together in one convenient place. Beginning in May, these shipping kits will be made available free to customers who respond to an advertising campaign — customers will receive messages through an e-mail blast, a banner ad on USPS.com®, a direct mail postcard, and print ads in business journals. They will respond by filling out their contact information at a Web site or by sending back a business reply mail postcard.

After the promotional period, customers can get addi­tional free GXG mailing supplies online at www.usps.com/shippingsupplies, by fax at 800-270-6233, by phone at 800-610-8734, or at a GXG participating Post Office™ facility.