Standup Talk for Mail Distribution Employees — GXG Online

[Please read this standup talk to all mail distribution employees and then post copies of this standup talk on employee bulletin boards.]

GXG service is the Postal Service’s premier international service for mailing extremely urgent documents and packages to over 190 countries for date-certain, money-back guarantee delivery. And Click-N-Ship service is one of the Postal Service’s most popular Internet services, with millions of customers using the system each month to calculate postage rates, print mailing labels with postage, and prepare Customs forms, all from the convenience of their own homes and offices.

On April 16, 2008, GXG service was added to the suite of international mailing options on Click-N-Ship service, making it easier and more convenient for customers to access GXG service online. We are expecting volume to increase as GXG service is now more convenient for customers to use.

Customer satisfaction and significant postal revenue depend on correct handling of this valuable mail. In the case of GXG service, correct handling especially means making sure to move GXG items with Express Mail items only.

GXG service comes to you in Express Mail sacks labeled with GXG Tag 141 for routing to your designated processing AMC or P&DC, the same as Express Mail service. Please make sure to dispatch GXG items with Express Mail items only. If you dispatch directly to FedEx, you should segregate GXG items from Express Mail items for hand off to FedEx.

a) Fill in mailing label (GXG International Waybill, Item 11FGG1) first. If a Commer­cial Invoice (CI, PS Form 6182) is required, leave the mail label field marked A, Total Value for Customs, blank until after filling out the commercial invoice.

b) When a CI is required, carefully transfer information from the appropriate fields on the mailing label to the CI. The diagram shows that the information from the area marked 1 on the mailing label goes to the area marked 1 on the CI; the information from the area marked 2 on the mailing label goes to the area marked 2 on the CI, etc.

c) On the CI, add together the total value of the shipment, the packing cost, post­age/shipping charges, and insurance cost to get the Total Invoice Value. Enter this amount in the field marked A (item 21) and also the field marked A (Total Value for Customs) on the mailing label.