Standup Talk for Retail Associates — GXG Online

[Please read this standup talk to all retail associates and then post copies of this standup talk on employee bulletin boards.]

On April 16, 2008, Global Express Guaranteed (GXG) service will officially become an option on Click-N-Ship service, completing the suite of international mailing and shipping options available through that channel. We are expecting volume to increase as GXG service is now more convenient for customers to use.

You can help increase GXG sales at retail as well. Ask if your customer is interested in getting speedy and reliable inter­national delivery — and inform customers about GXG service, the fastest USPS international service.

Here are some of GXG’s most important features:

As the result of increased awareness and an advertising campaign, more customers will be handing you GXG shipments that they have prepared themselves by paying for postage and printing out mailing labels and Customs forms online. You must scan the piece in POS ONE. Make sure that the mailing label is filled out correctly, and if a Customs form (called a Commercial Invoice) was required (POS ONE will tell you), make sure it is filled out completely and correctly, matching the information that is on the mailing label.

If customers present a package or document on which they have paid postage with Click-N-Ship service or another PC postage vendor, do not collect any additional postage at the counter. If the postage is short paid, don’t return the package or document to the customer. Tell the customer that they will receive an e-mail informing them that their item is short paid, at which time they will need to pay the balance with their credit card of record before they can mail any other Click-N-Ship items.

After you complete the GXG acceptance transaction, please make sure you complete the following steps:

GXG pieces and sacks must be kept separate from other mail and dispatched with Express Mail only. If you dispatch directly to FedEx, you should segregate GXG items from Express Mail items for the handoff to FedEx.