A world of improvement: New international shipping products bring your doorstep to the world

New International Shipping ProductsWhen the new prices go into effect May 12, USPS will once again take center stage in the international market­place. Customers told us they wanted easier, more convenient options to ship internationally, and in 2007, we gave it to them. We streamlined a sometimes-confusing and overlapping array of eight major products to just four: Global Express Guaranteed, Express Mail International, Priority Mail International and First-Class Mail International.

Global Express Guaranteed (GXG), our premier global shipping product, takes 1–3 business days. We partner with FedEx to leverage the strength of their global network and our accessibility — customers get the best of both! Not only that, but there’s a money-back delivery guarantee and $100 insurance included.

GXG volume has virtually doubled over the last year, and our competitive pricing is even more attractive online with a 10-percent discount.

Express Mail International is our fast, reliable, date-cer­tain international product that arrives in 3–5 business days. Once again, $100 insurance is included, and there’s a flat-rate envelope available.

And how about Priority Mail International? It’s reliable and economical. It usually takes 6–10 business days; there’s a flat-rate envelope available, and three sizes of flat-rate boxes from which to choose. The new Priority Mail Large Flat-Rate Box is available for international use for only $29.95 to Canada/Mexico, $49.95 to other countries — and it’s 50 percent larger than other flat-rate boxes!

And all international products use the same enviro-friendly packaging as domestic Express Mail and Priority Mail.

But customers aren’t the only ones benefiting from the redesign of international products. We’ve made it easier for employees to complete international transactions, too. POS terminals walk you right through, step by step, includ­ing help with navigating the Customs forms.

The new USPS international products — a world of improvement at your fingertips.