Coffee, tea or APC?

Cup sleeve used for an APC promotion in New York City.The New York Metro Area recently came up with a stimulating idea designed to drive busi­ness to some of its Automated Postal Centers (APC).

More than 100,000 coffee sleeves touting the ease and conve­nience of APCs were delivered to 54 local coffee shops and other area hot beverage merchants in downtown New York City. Patrons were told they could conduct their postal business at one of three APC locations in the neighborhood.

The campaign was an innovative way to promote APCs — and it worked. APC revenues at the three locations increased an average of 12 percent over the same period last year, and by 50 percent at Whitehall Station.

There’s no word yet on whether USPS will try the pro­motion in other areas. But it’s clear that in downtown New York City, the promotion was a real eye opener.