Large Flat-Rate Boxes are a nationwide hit

Through the end of March, the Western Area had sold the most Priority Mail Large Flat-Rate Boxes, accounting for a fifth of all large flat-rate box revenue, followed by the Pacific, Southeast, Great Lakes and Southwest.

The San Diego District was the single highest-selling district, selling more than 4,500 boxes, followed by Seattle, Santa Ana, Colorado/Wyoming, Rio Grande, Van Nuys, Lakeland, Northland, Bay-Valley and Honolulu. Half of the top 10 sellers were in the Pacific Area.

An interesting trend: In nearly every area, sales of the APO/FPO-branded large flat-rate boxes have outpaced sales of “regular” large Priority Mail boxes. The military boxes outsold the regular box by a nearly three-to-one margin in the Southwest Area, and by a two-to-one margin in three other areas.

That held true nationally as well. Sales of the APO/FPO-branded large box accounted for 44 percent of all Priority Mail Large Flat-Rate Box sales through the end of March, compared to 33 percent for the regular domestic box and 23 percent for international sales.

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