Tag 191, Domestic and International Mail-In Ballots

Tage 191, Domestic and International Mail-In Ballots

Tag 191, Domestic and International Mail-In Ballots, may be used by election officials to identify ballot mail prepared in trays or sacks. Although use of the Tag 191 is not required, the Postal Service recommends that election offi­cials use the tag to provide greater visibility to their ballot mail during handling and distribution by the Postal Service.

Tag 191 may be used only to identify ballot mail addressed for domestic or international delivery. The tag may be used to identify “sample ballots” but may not to be used to identify containers of other types of OEM, such as polling place notices, voter registration notices, or other election materials. Tag 191 may not be used by any person or organization other than election officials, even if used to send “sample ballots.” The tag also may not be used by organizations or individuals to send materials that promote political candidates, referendums, or political campaigns. Tag 57, Political Campaign Mailing, may be used to identify PCM.

Affixing Tag 191 to Mail Containers

Election officials who use Tag 191 are to attach the tag to their mailing containers as follows:

  • Strapped Letter Trays: Attach Tag 191 using a wire twist tie to the strap at the end of the tray that bears the tray label.
  • Nonstrapped Letter Trays: For trays permitted to be tendered without strapping, attach Tag 191 to the tray with a rubber band that is double-looped through the tray handhold at the end that bears the tray label.
  • Sacks with Flat-Size Mail: Depending on the type of sack, attach Tag 191 to either the strap or label holder on the sack.

Availability and Ordering

Each Post Office should maintain a sufficient supply of Tag 191 for its local election officials. The tag may be ordered from the Material Distribution Center (MDC) using the touch-tone order entry (TTOE) system. The Postal Service stock number for Tag 191 is PSN 7690-10-000-0667. Detailed ordering instructions appeared in Postal Bulletin 22220 (11-22-07, page 8).