Tag 57, Political Campaign Mailing

The Postal Service recommends that mailers use the red PS Tag 57, Political Campaign Mailing, to identify trays and sacks that contain PCM. Although use of the tag is optional, when used, it provides greater visibility to con­tainers of PCM as they move through Postal Service pro­cessing and distribution operations.

Tag 57 is only intended for use on containers (trays and sacks) of First-Class Mail and Standard Mail items entered by a registered political candidate, campaign committee, or committee of a political party and in connection with a partisan or nonpartisan election. Tag 57 may not be used to identify mailings made by other types of organizations, even if promoting or endorsing political candidates, refer­endums, and other political activities.

Affix Tag 57 to the mail container as follows:

  • Strapped Letter Trays: Attach Tag 57 using a wire twist tie to the strap at the end of the tray that bears the tray label.
  • Nonstrapped Letter Trays: For trays permitted to be tendered without strapping, attach Tag 57 to the tray with a rubber band that is double-looped through the tray handhold at the end that bears the tray label.
  • Sacks With Flat-Size Mail: Depending on the type of sack, attach Tag 57 to either the strap or label holder on the sack.

Each Post Office and mail acceptance unit should main­tain a sufficient supply of Tag 57 for their local political campaign mailers.

Tag 57, Political Campaign Mailing

Tag 57 is used to identify campaign mailings.