“Monumental Opportunity” Business Connect Contest — Quarter 3

“Monumental Opportunity,” the Business Connect™ contest for Quarter 3, FY 2009, runs from April 1, 2009, to June 30, 2009, and is focused on domestic Priority Mail® service. The objective is to conduct a minimum of five Busi­ness Connect activities — all of which must focus on domestic Priority Mail service.

Competition Rules

Qualified participants include postmasters, station managers, customer service managers, branch managers, and supervisors. Customer relations coordinators and business development team members are not eligible to enter, but they will be critical in the support and success of participants.

Activities throughout the competition will automatically count towards monthly program targets, but to qualify for the contest, activities listed as requirements for that quarter must be completed and documented in the Business Con­nect Data Center (BCDC) at http://blue.usps.gov/ marketing/businessconnect/welcome.htm; click Go to Business Connect Data Center/Reports in the right side box. (An activity can be an individual meeting, group pre­sentation, or lobby event.)

After the quarter (i.e., after June 30, 2009), the names of all qualified participants (i.e., those who have met the min­imum activity requirements) will be entered into a prize drawing for one Grand Prize winner and 50 runner-up winners.

Bonus Points: For every sale for at least $5,000 in esti­mated annualized revenue, the qualified participant will have his/her name entered an additional time into the draw­ing. For example, a qualified participant who doesn’t make a sale for $5,000 will have his/her name entered once in the drawing (for having completed the requirements); a qualified participant who makes one sale for $5,000 will have his/her name entered twice (once for having com­pleted the requirements, and once for the $5,000 sale); and a qualified participant who makes one sale for $5,000 and one sale for $10,000 will have his/her name entered three times (once for having completed the requirements, once for the $5,000 sale, and once for the $10,000 sale).

Additional Rules

Participants must complete five Business Connect Priority Mail activities that all focus on domestic Priority Mail service. To be credited, participants must document their activities in the BCDC by 11:59 p.m. CT on June 30, 2009. To qualify, document activities in the BCDC. Select the drop-down choice “Domestic Priority Mail (BC Con­test)” as your activity.


A drawing will be conducted after each quarter to award the Grand Prize and the 50 runner-up prizes. After Quarter 3, a qualified participant will have his/her name entered into a drawing for the Grand Prize — a trip for two to the Mega Stamp Show in New York City, in October 2009. Also, 50 runner-up winners will be selected to receive a gift certifi­cate for a prize selection of their choice ($50 value). To qualify, a winner must be a career employee of the U.S. Postal Service® through October 2009 to accept the Grand Prize.

Additional Information

For questions about the “Monumental Opportunity” Business Connect contest, send an e-mail to BDTHQ@usps.gov. In the subject line, include the word “Contest” and your district name (for example: “Contest — Houston District”). Manual offices that don’t have comput­ers should contact their local district business develop­ment team manager for manual activity forms. In order to qualify for the contest, manual offices must complete and submit manual forms to district offices for input into the BCDC to meet the above contest deadlines.