Handbook F-101 Revision: Claims Processing

Effective April 6, 2009, Handbook F-101, Field Account­ing Procedures, will be revised to reflect changes made to the filing of domestic and international claims that were announced in Postal Bulletins 22251 (1-23-09) and 22254 (3-12-09).

All claims will be adjudicated by Accounting Services. Post Offices™ and postal retail units (PRUs) will no longer adjudicate claims locally and will no longer use AIC 539, Indemnity Claims Paid at Window.

Handbook F-101, Field Accounting Procedures (FAP)

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20 Payment Types

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[Revise heading of subchapter 20-1 to read as follows:]

20-1 Customer Domestic Claims

20-1.1 Overview

[Revise 20-1.1 to read as follows:]

Customers may file domestic claims online, by mail, or at any postal retail unit (PRU).

All claims are adjudicated by Accounting Services. PRUs must not adjudicate any claims locally, regardless of the amount.

The following resources and links provide more information on domestic claims:

n Accounting website — Domestic Claims

n Filing Indemnity Claims for Loss or Damage (DMM 609)

n How to File Insurance Claims (usps.com)

n Consumer Programs and Policies

n Frequently Asked Questions (usps.com)

n Retail Standards Operating Procedures

n Publication 122, Customer Guide to Filing Domestic Insurance Claims or Registered Mail Inquiries

[Revise heading and text of 20-1.2 to read as follows:]

20-1.2 Filing Domestic Claims

PS Form 1000, Domestic or International Claim, contains a table listing the time limits for filing customer claims for both domestic and international services.

To file a claim online, customers must go to www.usps. com/insuranceclaims/online.htm. A PS Form 1000 is not required for insurance claims filed online. Customers who file a domestic claim online may upload JPG or PDF files to provide evidence of insurance, evidence of value, and, if applicable, proof of damage or missing contents. Custom­ers may also print the completed online claim form, attach the required evidence, and mail to the address on the form.

Note: Claims for Registered Mail and COD may not be filed online.

To file a claim by mail, customers must send a completed PS Form 1000 with all other required supporting documen­tation for loss or damage of an item mailed with insured services to the address printed on the form.

To file a claim at a PRU, customers must complete a PS Form 1000 and submit it to a PRU employee. Upon receiv­ing a claim (PS Form 1000), a PRU employee must verify that the form is complete and all required supporting documentation is attached. At the end of each day, PRUs must mail any claim forms received that day along with any required supporting documentation to Accounting Services at the following address:

USPS Domestic Claims
Accounting Services
PO Box 80143
St. Louis MO 63180-0143

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[Revise title and text of 20-1.3 to read as follows:]

20-1.3 Appealing a Denied Domestic Claim

For domestic claims with insurance purchased that were denied, the procedure for customers is as follows:

n For a denied claim, customers may appeal a decision by filing a written appeal focusing on the basis of the claim denial within 60 days of the date of the original decision to the following address:

Domestic Claim Appeals
Accounting Services
PO Box 80141
St. Louis MO 63180-0141

n If the original claim was filed online, the customer(s) may file an appeal online by signing into their account at www.usps.com/insuranceclaims/online.htm. The appeal must be filed within 60 days of the date of the original decision.

n If a customer receives a check for less than the claimed amount, the customer may file a check protest appeal by submitting a written letter within 60 days of the date of the check to the following address:

Check Protest
Accounting Services
PO Box 80140
St. Louis MO 63180-0140

[Revise title and text of 20-1.4 to read as follows:]

20-1.4 Registered Mail Inquiries

A mailer may file an inquiry for the alleged loss of Regis­tered Mail by completing a PS Form 1000. Only the mailer may file an inquiry. For merchandise return service, only the permit holder may file an inquiry. The mailer may not file any inquiry until 15 days after the mailing date of the article. A duplicate inquiry may not be filed sooner than 30 days after the original inquiry.

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20-2 Customer International Claims

20-2.1 Overview

[Revise 20-2.1 to read as follows:]

An inquiry refers to requests for information or complaints about the disposition of an article entered in international mail.

The International Inquiry Center (IIC) handles all inquiries for international articles.

Customers must contact the IIC at 800-222-1811 to report the loss, damage, or rifling (missing contents) of articles mailed via Global Express Guaranteed (GXG), Express Mail International (EMI), Priority Mail International (PMI), Regis­tered Mail, Insured, or ordinary service.

Inquiries are not accepted for ordinary letters, Priority Mail International flat-rate envelopes, Priority Mail International small flat-rate boxes, or M-bags.

After an inquiry is received by the IIC, the IIC will corre­spond with the post in the foreign country. If the IIC deter­mines that a claim for the item should be initiated, the IIC will send a claim packet to the customer with instructions for completing the claim and mailing the claim to Account­ing Services, International Accounting Branch (IAB).

Accounting Services handles the adjudication of claims (claim processing) functions for all international articles. PRUs must not adjudicate any claims locally, regardless of the amount.

The following resources and links provide more information on international claims:

n Accounting website — International Claims

n How to File Insurance Claims: USPS.com

n International Inquiries and Claims

n International Mail Manual (IMM 920)

n Consumer Programs and Policies

n Frequently Asked Questions

n Universal Postal Union (UPU)

20-2.2 Lost Articles

[Revise 20-2.2 to read as follows:]

To report the loss of an article sent to a foreign country, customers must call the IIC and provide the relevant infor­mation regarding the item, including, but not limited to, the following:

a. Article number appearing under the barcode.

b. Names, addresses, and telephone numbers of the mailer and addressee.

c. Date of mailing.

Inquiries for Priority Mail International flat-rate envelopes and small flat-rate boxes will not be accepted unless regis­tered service is purchased.

Before initiating an inquiry of an article mailed to a foreign country, the customer must allow sufficient time for delivery of the mailpiece to the foreign country. PS Form 1000 con­tains a table listing the time limits for filing customer claims for both domestic and international services.

20-2.3 Damaged, Rifled, or Missing Items

[Revise 20-2.3 to read as follows:]

For damaged articles that are held in the United States, an inquiry is not required. For damaged articles that are held in a foreign country, the customer must initiate an inquiry by calling the IIC.

Customers who receive a damaged article or one that has missing contents from Canada must contact the Canadian sender and instruct him/her to file a claim with Canada Post.

Customers who receive a damaged article or one that has missing contents from a foreign country, except an item from Canada, must take the item to any PRU immediately for inspection.

To file a claim for a damaged international article, custom­ers must do the following:

a. Complete a PS Form 1000.

b. Submit the PS Form 1000 and the damaged article to a PRU.

c. Supply the following documentation to accompany the claim form:

1. Evidence of Mailing — original mailer receipt or an original sales receipt form a point of service (POS) retail terminal that includes the mailing receipt number and insurance amount, or for inbound articles, the article number.

2. Evidence of Value:

n A sales receipt, invoice, or bill of sale is required.

n A statement of reconstruction costs should be included for Express Mail documents.

n For Internet purchases, a copy of the canceled check, money order, credit or debit card receipt, or billing statement directly related to the damaged item(s) is required.

n For purchases made using an Internet account, a final or completed transaction sheet indicating the amount deducted from the account and a description of the item(s).

Upon receipt of a damage claim presented by a customer, retail associates (RAs) do the following:

a. Ensure the customer completes and submits a PS Form 1000.

b. Perform the verification of the damaged article and documents submitted by the customer of evidence of mailing and value.

c. Prepare a PS Form 2856, Damage Report of Insured Parcel and Contents.

d. Before submitting to Accounting Services, ensure that the completed claim packet includes the following:

n Completed PS Form 1000.

n Completed PS Form 2856.

n Evidence of Mailing.

n Evidence of Value.

e. Give the customer a copy of the claims packet and documents submitted. Do not provide a copy of the PS Form 2856 to the customer.

f. Mail the original claims packet to:

International Claims
Accounting Services
PO Box 80146
St. Louis MO 63180-0146

To obtain the status or information regarding a filed claim, both Postal Service employees and customers may con­tact the Accounting Help Desk (AHD) at 866-974-2733.

For Global Express Guaranteed claims, customers may call the IIC (800-222-1811). The call will be transferred to our alliance partner, Federal Express. For more information on Global Express Guaranteed service, go to http://www.usps.com/international/globalexpress guaranteed.htm.

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Appendix I Account Identifier Code/General Ledger Account Crosswalk

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[Replace AIC 539, Indemnity Claims Paid at Window, in the AIC table with the following:]



Master Title

General Description










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[Replace customer indemnity (20-1) with customer domes­tic claims (20-1).]

[Replace customer international (20-2) with customer inter­national claims (20-2).]

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[Replace customer indemnity claims (20-1) with customer domestic claims (20-1).]

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We will incorporate these revisions into the next updated version of Handbook F-101 available on the Accounting website:

n Go to http://blue.usps.gov/wps/portal/accounting.

n Under “References”, click the Handbook F-101, Field Accounting Procedures (FAP) link.

The direct website address is http://blue.usps.gov/accounting/_pdf/HandbookF-101.pdf.