Management Instructions

Revised MI FM-530-2009-1, Use of Postal Vehicles for Home-to-Work Transportation

In response to feedback from the field regarding use of postal vehicles from home to work, Management Instruction (MI) FM 530-2001-1 has been updated to clarify those instructions. This MI does not affect employees:

n Involved in protective services and criminal law enforcement duties.

n Attending official business meetings during the course of the workday.

n On official travel or in a detail status to a location away from their home.

Postal Service™ policy is stated as “under very limited circumstances employees may use a postal vehicle for transportation between work and home.” Those circum­stances pertain to field work and are:

n When an official calls on the way to or from the employees place of employment.

n In connection with overnight travel.

The fieldwork circumstances do not apply when the employee workday begins at his/her assigned duty station or if the employee commutes to a fixed location, regardless of the distance. In addition, vehicles may be parked over­night at the postal facility nearest to the employee’s home, provided approval has been granted by the installation head prior to the vehicle being parked.

Approval for a use of a postal vehicle comes from your PCES manager (previously the postmaster general) using the updated PS Form 8217 (February 2009), Administrative Vehicle Take-Home Authorization, only. No prior version of the form will be accepted. Job titles no longer determine policy in regard to approval for home-to-work authorization.

Policy exceptions may be granted in special circum­stances (i.e., public transportation shutdown and emer­gency vehicles only) by the area finance manager (AFM).