Revised PS Form 5006, Payment Order Application

Effective immediately, PS Form 5006, Solicitud Para Envìo de Dinero (Payment Order Application), has been revised to include the customer’s signature and dollar thresholds for obtaining customer information. Following is an overview of the changes regarding completion and pro­cessing of PS Form 5006.

A PS Form 5006 must be submitted with the pur­chaser’s name and signature for every Sure Money® trans­action, regardless of dollar value. If the transaction value is $800 or more, the following additional fields on the PS Form 5006 must also be completed:

n Purchaser’s address and phone number.

n Recipient’s name and address.

The dollar threshold for requiring purchaser’s photo ID for Sure Money transactions is changed to $800. The only acceptable photo identifications for purchasing Sure Money transactions are:

n A valid U.S. government–issued photo identification.

n A valid passport from any country.

n A Matricula Consular identification card issued by the Mexican government.

All completed PS Forms 5006 must be mailed daily to the same address to which PS Form 8105-A, Funds Trans­action Report (FTR), and PS Form 8105-B, Suspicious Transaction Report (STR), are mailed. The address is USPS BSA Compliance, PO Box 9005, Sioux Falls, SD 57117-9005. Completed copies of PS Form 5006 may be placed in the same envelope as completed PS Forms 8105-A and 8105-B.

Direct any questions regarding these changes to the USPS® Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) Compliance Office at