Policies, Procedures, and Forms Updates


DMM Revision: Nonprofit Standard Mail — Cooperative Mailings

Effective May 11, 2009, the Postal Service™ revised Mailing Standards of the United States Postal Service, Domestic Mail Manual (DMM®) 703.1.6.3, Cooperative Mailing, to provide clarity and to align the formatting of this section with other DMM sections. With this revision, DMM 703.1.6.3 will be displayed in an easy-to-read format out­lining the standards pertaining to cooperative mailings, including the exception for using the services of a commer­cial fundraiser to mail at the Nonprofit Standard Mail® prices when meeting specific criteria.

These revisions were included in the May 2009 version of the online DMM available via Postal Explorer® at http://pe.usps.com and will be incorporated into the next printed version of the DMM.