Revised Handbook AS-805-D, Information Security Network Connectivity Process

Effective immediately, Handbook AS-805-D, Informa­tion Security Network Connectivity Process, is revised. The September 2009 edition has been updated to reflect the following:

n Roles and Responsibilities: Updated Network Con­nectivity Review Board (NCRB)–related roles and responsibilities.

n Process: Updated the NCRB process and process chart.

n NCRB Connectivity Tool Kit: Inserted a new section to describe the new online system that includes the current version of the NCRB request form.

n Exceptions: Added an exception process.

Handbook AS-805-D is now available on the Postal Ser­vice™ PolicyNet website:

n Go to http://blue.usps.gov.

n Under “Essential Links” in the left-hand column, click PolicyNet.

n On the PolicyNet page, click HBKs. (The direct URL for the Postal Service PolicyNet website is http://blue.usps.gov/cpim.)

The direct URLs for Handbook AS-805-D (September 2009) are:

n PDF version http://www.usps.com/cpim/ftp/hand/as805d.pdf.

n HTML 508-compliant version http://www.usps.com/cpim/ftp/hand/as805d/welcome.htm.

Note: Offices should update references/links to Handbook AS-805-D in local documents.