Information Technology

Announcing the Launch of the New Customer Services Operations and Retail Intranet Website

The Channel Access and Customer Services Operations groups have collaborated this past year to be able to create and bring you a new and exciting intranet site via Blue. The intranet websites formerly known as “Retail” and “PO Boxes” (accessed via Blue) are now the new Customer Ser­vices Operations and Retail intranet website (

This new, redesigned site is now “live” and serves as your one-stop location for announcements, news, operat­ing procedures, selling tips, and so much more.

The design of the new site is based on research as well as usability studies. The site includes easy-to-navigate options for accessing the most current information, such as:

n Subject-based Information — Links to specific areas of interest, such as PO Boxes, policy and proce­dures, signage, etc.

n “Current Events” — Consistently updated and inter­active billboard featuring some of the hottest topics at any given time.

n “I want to…” — Links to some of the most sought-after information by users.

This is only the beginning. The new Customer Services Operations and Retail intranet website is an ongoing com­mitment to provide you, the user, with the most accurate, consistent, and timely information so that you have all of the information you need at your fingertips.