Publication 75, Mover’s Guide, News

The January 2012 issue of Publication 75, Mover’s Guide, is in process of being shipped to all Post Office™ facilities. All shipments should be received by December 31, 2011. As of January 1, 2012, recycle all expired versions.

The Mover’s Guide shipments will now include Intelli­gent Mail Package Barcodes (IMpb). Please scan these codes per standard procedure upon shipment arrival.

The cover of the Mover’s Guide envelope now includes color-coded up/down arrows along with the in-market dates to convey its effective quarter. The corresponding color code of the up/down arrow for the January 2012 issue is black.

Mover’s Guide Information

n Offices will receive copies of Mover’s Guide in one or two shipments. The first shipments will arrive at the end of December. The second shipments will arrive 3 to 5 weeks later. Shipments are sent in quantities of 25, 100, and 300.

n Your facility may receive copies of Mover’s Guide addressed to other offices. Break down each pallet in accordance with the posted plaque, check the labels, and forward the guides as appropriate.

Behind the Counter Program

Below are a few points about program compliance:

n Effective immediately, sales and service associates may no longer distribute more than three copies of Mover’s Guide per customer. Instruct customers who need more than three copies to change their addi­tional address(es) online at

n Copies of Mover’s Guide must be kept behind the counter. No copies of Mover’s Guide should be placed in the inner or outer lobby or on the clerk counters. If you have copies of the Mover’s Guide in the lobby at this time, remove them and place them behind the counter.

n Retail associates should first encourage their cus­tomers requesting change-of-address materials to go online at Internet change-of-address (ICOA) transactions provide customers with the most convenient, safe, and secure way to change their address.

n Customers unwilling or unable to submit their change of address at should be given a com­plete, unopened copy of Mover’s Guide. The enve­lope contains instructions and valuable offers that generate revenue for the Postal Service™. When you throw out the envelope and its contents, the Postal Service loses money.

Note: The Mover’s Guide Behind the Counter Program is part of the ad-hoc section of the 2010 Retail Customer Experience Program, so it is critical that your Post Office be compliant with the program throughout the year by keeping copies of Mover’s Guide out of Post Office lobbies.

ICOA Message Card Information

n If your Post Office has an ICOA Message Card dis­play, do not throw it away. The display is required to be in the lobby and expected to have the ICOA Mes­sage Cards in it at all times. Replenishment cards and updated banners are mailed with your Mover’s Guide shipments.

n If your Post Office does not have an ICOA Message Card display, you must call the replenishment phone number below for ICOA Message Card replenishment.

n If any Post Office runs out of ICOA Message Cards between shipments, call Imagitas at 800-816-6837 for replenishment.

n All Post Offices must have ICOA Message Cards in their lobbies for customer reference.

Inventory Management Resources: Mover’s Guide and ICOA Message Card

To find out when your office will receive shipments visit: and locate Mover’s Guide (Pub 75) Distribution for January 2012 (Use the CTL + F Function while the “Fedstrip” column is highlighted to search for your office).

To change the quantity of your shipments, call Imagitas at 800-816-6837.

Businesses and organizations must purchase their cop­ies of the Mover’s Guide and can obtain order forms by calling Imagitas at 800-816-6837.