IMM Revision: Commercial Pricing for Outbound International Expedited Products — Update

In the article titled “IMM Revision: Availability of Com­mercial Pricing for Outbound International Expedited Prod­ucts” in Postal Bulletin 22331 (2-23-12, pages 7–8), we announced that we would publish a subsequent Postal Bul­letin article identifying the permanent URL that mailers can access for a list of approved software vendors who are able to electronically transmit Customs-related functions to obtain the applicable commercial base or commercial plus price for Global Express Guaranteed®, Express Mail Inter­national®, and Priority Mail International® items paid with a permit imprint.

This information is now accessible on the USPS® RIBBS® website at; on the left; click Certifications, and then click International Vendors. The direct URL for this webpage is

As noted in the previous Postal Bulletin article, the corre­sponding IMM changes to sections 213.82, 223.222, and 233.222 will appear in the IMM online update on April 1, 2012.