Field Information Kit: It Begins With a Smile

The Customer Experience Essentials Program was launched in “Field Information Kit: Telephone Courtesy” in Postal Bulletin 22328 (1-12-12, pages 4–8) focusing on telephone courtesy, the first of four essentials.

Delivering a Positive Customer Experience logo

We are now ready to launch the second phase, “It Begins with a Smile”. This essential focuses on keeping things professional, efficient, and friendly when interacting with our customers. According to vice president Consumer and Industry Affairs, Susan LaChance “delivering a positive customer experience is more important than ever as our customers today have more choices and are more informed and expect excellent service. We need to ensure we are satisfying our customer’s needs so they keep com­ing back again — and again.”

Included in this Field Information Kit to support the “It Begins With a Smile” Essential is the following:

n A Stand-up Talk for all employees.

n A poster to be placed in retail unit employee zones (see page 37).

n A poster to be placed in plant employee zones (see page 39).

n Two posters to be placed in delivery unit employee zones (see pages 4143).

Useful Link

It Begins with a Smile video: http://ipchecker/USPSTV/SmileCourtesy_OC.wmv (internal link) or http://eagnmnsg55a/USPSTV_2/DVD/
(downloadable DVD).

Stand-up Talk

Delivering a Positive Customer Experience — “It Begins With a Smile”

In the first Delivering a Positive Customer Experience Stand-up Talk, we talked about going back to basics and focused on telephone courtesy as an easy way to make a customer’s experience more positive. The Telephone Courtesy Customer Experience Essential Toolkit was pub­lished on January 12, 2012. The Customer Experience Measurement scores will be used to evaluate the success of the Customer Experience Essentials campaign. We will share updates with you through Link as we move forward through this campaign. The first update will be provided in March.

This stand-up talk focuses on “keeping things simple, positive, efficient, and friendly”. The best way to have our customers think positive of the Postal Service™ is to pro­vide excellent customer service every day, every time.

Studies have shown that customers remember the first and last moments of their interaction more than anything else that happens in the middle. This means you play a key role to the success of any interaction with our customers the way you greet and thank each of them.

The “It Begins With a Smile” Customer Experience Essential means to begin every customer interaction in a friendly and courteous manner to let the customer know we want to help.

Our customers today have more choices, are more informed, and expect excellent service. So it’s more impor­tant than ever for us to be professional, friendly, and cour­teous.

We need to ensure we are satisfying our customers needs so they keep coming back again — and again.

Providing friendly and courteous service is another way that we deliver to our customers — a positive customer experience.

Thank you for the work you do day in and day out to pro­vide excellent service to our customers!