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Picture Permit Imprint Indicia Approved as USPS Offering

USPS® has been given the go-ahead from the Postal Regulatory Commission to offer the Picture Permit Imprint Indicia (“Picture Permit”) as a permanent offering with fees attached. Details are in the April 27, 2012, Federal Register at
. Implementation begins June 24, 2012.

Picture Permit allows commercial mailers to include color images such as logos, trademarks, and brand images in the permit imprint indicia area of their mailpieces. This provides immediate recognition of companies’ logos, prod­ucts, promotions, and brands, and boosts the value and visual impact of First-Class Mail® and Standard Mail® pieces.

Mailers have the option to apply Picture Permit to mail­pieces that are being presented as part of a full-service mailing of First-Class Mail letters or postcards and full-ser­vice Standard Mail letters. The premium for First-Class Mail letters and postcards will be 1 cent per piece and for Stan­dard Mail letters 2 cents per piece, in addition to postage.

Mailers and mail service providers may apply in advance to take advantage of the offering by the June 24, 2012, implementation date. Approval and sampling can take up to 30–45 days. Picture Permit designs must conform to USPS specifications, and sample mailpieces must be sub­mitted for testing and approval.

Information on applying for Picture Permit, including registration and program requirements, will be posted soon on RIBBS® and on