Information Security

USPS Warns Employees About Disruptive Spam Emails

If you get an email saying your mailbox is full, you may want to think twice before opening it.

The Postal Service™ recently was targeted by a spam message stating: “Your Mailbox Has Exceeded Its Storage Limit As Set By Your Administrator, And You Will Not Be Able To Receive New Mails Until You Re-Validate It.”

The Postal Service’s Corporate Information Security Office (CISO) says clicking on the message takes readers to a website that asks for their IDs and passwords. If you receive such a message, don’t open it. USPS® never asks for this information. Any website that does must be treated with extreme caution.

That’s not the only spam threat employees now face. Recently, the Federal Bureau of Investigation warned of a new spam message called “Zeus,” which targets bank accounts. Recipients receive an unsolicited email from what appears to be the National Automated Clearing House Association, the Federal Reserve Bank, or the Fed­eral Deposit Insurance Corporation. Clicking a link within the email will send the recipient to a website where mal­ware is downloaded.

For more information about Zeus, see