What’s New on USPS.com?

Premium Forwarding Service® (PFS®) launched PFS Online™ in January. Now customers can enroll, modify, or cancel their request without going to a Post Office™.

What is PFS? Premium Forwarding Service gives resi­dential customers the option of having all of their mail reshipped on a predictable basis to a temporary address while they are away from home. For a one-time enrollment fee and a nominal weekly installment fee, virtually all of the customer’s mail will be packaged weekly and sent by Pri­ority Mail® service to the temporary address. Some items, such as Registered Mail® and Express Mail® are reshipped immediately upon receipt at the Post Office. PFS can be used for a minimum of 2 weeks or up to a maximum of 1 year. It provides customers an additional option to the cur­rent piece-by-piece temporary forwarding and Hold Mail services.

Enrolling with PFS Online is simple. Customers simply go to www.usps.com/premiumforwarding to learn about the service, read the terms and conditions, and click Get Started to sign up for PFS. The process is easy, and a con­firmation email is sent once enrollment is complete.

Note: Customers must be registered USPS.com® custom­ers and must sign in to sign up for PFS.

USPS.com Premium Forwarding Service (PFS) screen shot

DID YOU KNOW? It's illegal to sell pallets and other Mail Transport Equipment.