Management Instructions

New Management Instruction EL-430-2012-2, Back Pay

Management Instruction (MI) EL-430-2012-2, Back Pay, is now available on PolicyNet and is effective immediately. This MI:

n Directs users to Employee and Labor Relations Man­ual (ELM) 436.7, Interest on Back Pay, for policy regarding when and how interest is calculated for back pay awards.

n Specifies that the Grievance and Arbitration Tracking System (GATS) is the authorized method for process­ing: (1) lump sum payments of less than $100,000; and (2) hours calculations that include less than one full pay period and that result from the Article 15 Grievance-Arbitration Procedure.

n Consolidates the documentation requirements for third-party authorizations from the Equal Employ­ment Opportunity Commission, Merit Systems Pro­tection Board, Office of Personnel Management, and other organizations in Attachment D, Back Pay Doc­umentation Requirements.

n Provides the new mailing address for the USPS Scanning and Imaging Center, which has been relo­cated from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, to Janesville, Wisconsin.

MI EL 430-2012-2 is available on the Postal Service™ PolicyNet website:

n Go to

n Under “Essential Links” in the left-hand column, click PolicyNet.

n Click MIs.

n Scroll down to EL-430-2012-2.

n Click the PDF or HTML link for Back Pay.

(The direct URL for the Postal Service PolicyNet website is