Publication 223 Revision: Directives and Forms Update

Effective immediately, Publication 223, Directives and Forms Catalog, is revised to include current information for the items noted in this article. See Publication 223 for com­plete information.

Information on how to order directives and forms is available in chapter 1 of Publication 223.

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n LAB 309-G, Automated Postal Center: Sign (vertical, small “Self Service”).

n MI EL-430-2012-2, Back Pay.

n MI FM-242-2012-2, Scanning Receipts for eTravel Reports.

n MOP COO-06-28-2010, Prevent All Cigarette Traf­ficking (PACT) Act Implementation.

n MOP FI-04-24-2012, Policy Memo Statistical Pro­grams Letter #5, Fiscal Year (FY) 2012; Administra­tion, Mail Exit Point System (MEPS).

n MOP FI-06-01-2012, Policy Memo Statistical Pro­grams Letter #6, Fiscal Year (FY) 2012; CCCS, RCCS, IOCS, ODIS-RPW, TRACS, SIRVI, SIRVO-IODIS.


n HBK AS-503, Standard Design Criteria.

n HBK MS-141-VOL-A, Dual Pass Rough Cull System (DPRCS), Maintenance Information.

n HBK MS-150-VOL-A, Remote Computer Reader (RCR), System/Maintenance Information.

n HBK MS-196-VOL-A, Singulate Scan Induction Unit (SSIU), System Information.

n HBK MS-196-VOL-B, Singulate Scan Induction Unit (SSIU), Maintenance Information.

n HBK MS-196-VOL-C, Singulate Scan Induction Unit (SSIU), Reference Information.

n HBK MS-196-VOL-E, Singulate Scan Induction Unit (SSIU), Atlanta Site-Specific Data.

n HBK MS-196-VOL-F, Singulate Scan Induction Unit (SSIU), Cincinnati Site-Specific Data.

n HBK MS-196-VOL-G, Singulate Scan Induction Unit (SSIU), Dallas Site-Specific Data.

n HBK MS-196-VOL-H, Singulate Scan Induction Unit (SSIU), Denver Site-Specific Data.

n HBK MS-196-VOL-I, Singulate Scan Induction Unit (SSIU), Des Moines Site-Specific Data.

n HBK MS-196-VOL-J, Singulate Scan Induction Unit (SSIU), Detroit Site-Specific Data.

n HBK MS-196-VOL-K, Singulate Scan Induction Unit (SSIU), Greensboro Site-Specific Data.

n HBK MS-196-VOL-L, Singulate Scan Induction Unit (SSIU), Jacksonville Site-Specific Data.

n HBK MS-196-VOL-M, Singulate Scan Induction Unit (SSIU), Kansas City Site-Specific Data.

n HBK MS-196-VOL-N, Singulate Scan Induction Unit (SSIU), Los Angeles Site-Specific Data.

n HBK MS-196-VOL-O, Singulate Scan Induction Unit (SSIU), Memphis Site-Specific Data.

n HBK MS-196-VOL-P, Singulate Scan Induction Unit (SSIU), Minneapolis Site-Specific Data.

n HBK MS-196-VOL-Q, Singulate Scan Induction Unit (SSIU), Philadelphia Site-Specific Data.

n HBK MS-196-VOL-R, Singulate Scan Induction Unit (SSIU), Pittsburgh Site-Specific Data.

n HBK MS-196-VOL-S, Singulate Scan Induction Unit (SSIU), St. Louis Site-Specific Data.

n HBK MS-196-VOL-T, Singulate Scan Induction Unit (SSIU), San Francisco Site-Specific Data.

n HBK MS-196-VOL-U, Singulate Scan Induction Unit (SSIU), Seattle Site-Specific Data.

n HBK MS-196-VOL-V, Singulate Scan Induction Unit (SSIU), Springfield Site-Specific Data.

n HBK MS-196-VOL-W, Singulate Scan Induction Unit (SSIU), Washington Site-Specific Data.

n HBK MS-224-VOL-A, 37pc Ink Jet Printer, Mainte­nance Information.

n HBK MS-232-VOL-A, Lockheed Martin TMS Sys­tems Manual, System Information.

n HBK MS-232-VOL-B, Lockheed Martin TMS Sys­tems Manual, Maintenance Information.

n HBK MS-232-VOL-C, Lockheed Martin TMS Sys­tems Manual, Reference Information.

n HBK MS-240-VOL-A, Automatic Tray Sleever II (ATS II), System Maintenance Information.

n HBK SP-1, Highway Contract Routes Contract Delivery Service.

n LAB AK-53, Intra-Alaska Routing Label.

n MAN DMM, Mailing Standards of the United States Postal Service, Domestic Mail Manual.

n MAN ELM, Employee and Labor Relations Manual.

n MAN IMM, Mailing Standards of the United States Postal Service, International Mail Manual.

n Notice 3-S, First-Class Mail Shape-Based Pricing Template.

n PUB 131, The Postal Service Unsolicited Proposal Program.

n PUB 223, Directives and Forms Catalog.

n PUB 615, Take Your Mailbox With You! (Premium For­warding Service).

n PUB 621, PFS Guidebook for Employees: An Intro­duction to Premium Forwarding Service.

n PUB 631, Official Election Mail: Graphic Guidelines and Logos.

n PUB 632, State and Local Election Mail User’s Guide.

n PS 3624, Application to Mail at Nonprofit Standard Mail Prices.





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HBK F-19


Accountability of Disbursing Officers


MI EL-430-2009-5


Back Pay

MI EL-430-2012-2

DMM 100-C


A Customer’s Guide to Mailing (Chinese)


DMM 100-S


Guia para el consumidor de los servicios postales (A Customer’s Guide to Mailing Spanish)