Postmarking the Holiday Way

Children of all ages can request a North Pole Postmark for placement on their letter from Santa or on holiday greet­ing cards.

North Pole Postmark

Letter from Santa with a North Pole Station Post­mark: You write a letter to your child and sign it from Santa. Place this letter in an envelope addressed to your child with the return address from SANTA, NORTH POLE. Make sure you have a First-Class Mail stamp affixed to the envelope. Place that envelope in a larger envelope, with appropriate postage, and address the larger envelope as indicated below.

Holiday greeting cards: You write your greeting cards like you normally would. Place the cards into their enve­lopes. Address the envelopes to the people you want to receive them. Place First-Class Mail stamps on the envelopes and either have the return address from the NORTH POLE or from you and your address. Then place the greeting cards into a larger envelope or box, with appropriate postage, and address it to:

ANCHORAGE, AK 99530-9998

The letters that are “coming” from Santa and any holiday greeting cards must be received in Anchorage, Alaska, no later than December 10, 2012.

Customers who wish to obtain a postmark from Post Offices with holiday-related or themed names to keep or to share with friends can write to the Post Offices directly. Enclose a stamped card or letter addressed to yourself or another per­son and put it into another envelope or box labeled to:

“Christmas Re-Mailing”

City, State ZIP Code (choose one of the cities below)


Angels Camp, CA 95222

Berry, AL 35546

Bethlehem, CT 06751

Bethlehem, KY 4000

Bethlehem, MD 21609

Bethlehem, NH 03574

Bethlehem, PA 18016

Deer Park, AL 36529

Evergreen, AL 36401

Faith, SD 57626

Garland, NE 68360

Garland, NC 28441

Garland, PA 16416

Garland, TX 75040

Garland, UT 84312

Holly, CO 81047

Holly, MI 48442

Hope, AK 99605

Hope, AR 71801

Hope, ID 83836

Hope, KS 67451

Hope, MN 56046

Hope, NM 88250

Hope, ND 58046

Joseph, OR 97846

Joseph City, AZ 86032

Joy, IL 61260

Nazareth, KY 40048

Nazareth, PA 18064

Nazareth, TX 79063

Nazareth MI 49074

Noel, MO 64854

Partridge, KS 67566

Partridge, KY 40862

Pine Hill, AL 36769

Saint Joseph, IL 61873

Saint Joseph, MI 49085

Saint Joseph, TN 38481

Saint Mary, KY 40063

Saint Mary’s, KS 66536

Santa, ID 83866

Santa Claus, IN 47579

Shepherd, MT 59079

Spruce Pine, AL 35546

Snowflake, AZ 85937

Snowville, UT 84336

Spruce, MI 48762

Star, TX 76880