Pictorial Postmarks

As a community service, the Postal Service offers picto­rial postmarks at temporary Post Office stations set up for special events. Pictorial postmarks are initiated by postmas­ters, sponsors, or organizers of the special events and may feature wording and/or graphics relating to the events. The pictorial postmark pictured below was offered at the Star Station of the Star, North Carolina, Post Office in December 2007. Lists of upcoming pictorial postmarks and instructions for obtaining them are published in the Philately section of the Postal Bulletin, at www.usps.com/cpim/ftp/bulletin/pb.htm.

Pictorial Postmark

Customers wishing to obtain a pictorial postmark should affix a stamp to any envelope or postcard of their choice, address the envelope or postcard to themselves or others, insert a card of postcard thickness in envelopes for sturdiness, and tuck in the flap. Place the envelope or post­card in a larger envelope and address it to: Pictorial Post­marks, followed by the name of the station, address, city, state, and ZIP+4® Code, as listed.

Customers also can also send stamped envelopes and postcards without addresses for postmark, as long as they supply a larger envelope with adequate postage and their return address. After applying the pictorial postmark, the Postal Service returns the items (with or without addresses) under addressed protective cover.